Mardi Gras 2019

Queen 2018

A Jazzy Night for caring and sharing

Every year, near the date of Mardi Gras, FWCCinc. puts on a spectacular event to raise funds for the many projects and non-profit organizations that we support year round.

The Royal Court

Each year we  honor outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the Frederick community by selecting them as one of the three kings of Mardi Gras - King Rex, King Proteus, and King Comus.  For the Queen and her Court, we ask high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors from the Frederick community to apply for the honor of serving in the Court. The Queen is selected by random drawing at a Princess Tea at Steiner House where all of the young women participate in a public service project. 

How to become a Princess


The evening begins with drinks and  food tastings from leading Frederick area restaurants, while a New Orleans Mardi Gras jazz group performs . The highlight of the evening is the introduction of the kings and the princesses, followed by the excitement and energy of dancing, bidding on items in the  silent auction and the anticipation to see who wins the raffle for a great travel adventure.

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Who benefits?

FWCCinc. made a five year commitment to raise funds to support the Frederick Memorial Hospital James M. Stockman Cancer Center and we are in Year 3 of that support. Proceeds also support scholarships, historic preservation,  and local nonprofits. 

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Who benefits and how you can support our effort

1. A list of some of the organizations that have benefited from the funds raised by this special annual FWCC event.

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How to Become a Mardi Gras Princess

Join in the fun and become a Mardi Gras Princess. Click here to get more information and to download an application.