Suzanne Cliber, program specialist   Fred. CO. Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources.

The Conservation Community Service Program encourages awareness of our natural resources and caring for the world around us. Throughout the year, we offer  information and ideas to promote environmental appreciation and protection. 

On November 19, guest speakers, Suzanne Cliber, program specialist and Linda Williamson, project manager from the Frederick County Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources presented some great initiatives.

Suzanne Cliber presented the Green Challenge explaining that there are three categories of challenges and the goal is to earn 50 points/challenge.

1. Power Saver Challenge

2. Green Leader Challenge

3. Renewable Energy Challenge

There is also the opportunity to create a “Green Team” within our organization.

Linda Williamson explained the Septic Pump-out Rebate Program.

Utilizing Frederick County haulers, residents with septic systems are eligible for rebates on the cost of having their septic system pumped out. This process is recommended every five years.

Linda Williamson, project manager, Fred. CO Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources

Activities for 2018-2020

Recycling: Sponsor and inform our members about water, paper, and hazardous waste drop offs 

Environmental Education and Awareness: Work with children  at Lincoln Elementary on projects

Outdoor Exploration:  Plan conservation field trips

Air and Water Quality: Work on  Carroll Creek algae control 

Natural Resource Restoration: 

Sponsor Steiner House tree planting  on Arbor Day; plant native and historical plants in a 1800s house garden

Wildlife Protection: Work with animal shelter 

Food Sources:  Publicize concern about loss of honeybees

Community Gardens: Begin planning a historical, medicinal 1800s herb garden

Preservation of Existing Waterways:  Work with nonprofits on Save the Bay and Culler Lake in Frederick


Energy Conservation: Distribute Potomac Edison electric home information kits

Contact Mikki Stratmeyer (, Conservation Community Projects Manager, for information on how you can become involved.

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