Youth Art 2019: Debbie Winkles,  Olivia de Guzman,  and Paula Rubin-Wexler, keynote speaker.

The arts are essential to the quality of life in Frederick. The FWCC Arts Community Service Program allows our members to participate in, promote and support a broad spectrum of activities that enhance the arts. Many of our members also support local arts by attending plays, exhibits, lectures, and concerts as a group.

In partnership with community arts organizations and as a club, we participate in: 

Youth Art: 

We sponsor an annual contest with monetary awards for middle and high school students placing first, second, third and honorable mention.  In the past few years, we have received over 100 works of art from Frederick County middle and high schools. This year's application and information is found at the bottom of this page. The deadline is December 18.

In partnership with the Frederick Community College, the student art is on display for the community to enjoy. Our members raise money to provide the monetary awards and to make contributions to district and state youth art.

2019 Youth Art Award Winners

Frederick Arts Council:

Maintain a membership in Arts council; staff the volunteer coordination booth during the annual 2-day Frederick Festival of the Arts.

Member Projects: Within our club, there are many talented artists and artisans who lend their talents to bettering our community. Recent projects include:

· Painting wine bottles for the state convention

· Crafting handmade products to be sold at Christkindlesmarkt

Contact Debbie Winkles (, Arts Community Projects Manager, for information on how you can become involved.

About the Artist


An interview with Olivia de Guzman
First Place (Digital) Youth art 2019 award winner

Regarding the man in my photo (The Pigeon Piper of New York), he has always lived in New York City. He has dealt with the murder of his wife and kids, and because of this, a violent past. The birds have helped him heal and find a life off of the streets. It took him a while for them (the birds) to all become attached to him, and now he's the only one they'll listen to. Despite this, he wants to share the pigeons with others because it brings so much joy, to him and everyone. I vividly remember walking into Washington Square Park (where he's located) and found myself feeling an overwhelming joy by the number of bustling creatives and jazz players filling the park. The “Birdman” was in the center of the chaos, children holding out their arms and giggling as he would direct the pigeons to their outstretched hands. I saw how much the pigeons listened to him, and how much they meant to him. There was an apparent deeper relationship; I could tell he didn't just train them for fun. Although I took countless photos, I decided on this picture because it was shortly after most of the people had dispersed from around him, and he sat down, quietly listening to the jazz players. It's like time had stopped for a moment; this man, clutching these birds to his chest like they're the only family he has left. 

I've never been a particularly outgoing person, and it's taken me a lot of courage and work to become more confident in myself. Talking to strangers and getting in contact with people I want to photograph hasn't been easy, but I've been photographing strangers for about 2 years now. I started by reporting on the people who come and talk to my 4-H club about their professions and submitting it (the report) to local newspapers. My mom has a background in journalism, and I've become really politically active the past couple of years, that's why my AP portfolio concentration focuses on photojournalism and documentary photography. Local politics and documenting stories of everyday people has been my main drive for photography this year, and I wanted to focus on a more local level. I'm currently focusing on the rise of housing developments in Frederick County and how they affect our roads and how people (specifically those who've been here since it was a predominantly agricultural county) feel about it. As I'm nearing the end of the semester, I've been wrapping up the project, but I still want to continue and take it further.

Photography has actually been something I've gravitated to and became serious about fairly recently. Before photography, I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, and it still shows in most of my photography (ex. I'll use collage, cut up images and reimagine them, use paint and 3D mediums). I started photography 4 years ago on a smartphone and bought my first DSLR by saving up from art commissions 2 years ago. Now I'm currently enrolled in the Academy for the Fine Arts and haven't looked back since.