Public Issues Program

Promoting civic engagement is the driving force of the Public Issues Community Service Program.

To make a difference in the structure of community priorities, we must be heard. To support the men and women of the
military fighting for our freedom, we must make sure we remember their families back home. To stop domestic abuse and violence, we must have greater awareness. And for those who are survivors of this abuse, we must make their transition to a safer life a little gentler.

Here are some of the ways members of the Public Issues program make a difference in the Frederick Community:

  • Attended and spoke at a public hearing to support county funding for the Child Advocacy Center
  • Sponsored an informational Open House for federal, state and local elected officials at the Child Advocacy Center. The event highlighted physical improvements members made to the facility to better serve children and their families and information on the programs to serve and protect sexually-abused children.
  • Provided monetary donations and new clothing and toiletries to Heartly House.