Education Program

Since FWCC’s creation more than a century ago, education has been a cornerstone of our beliefs and programs. Our early members helped establish a public library in Frederick and purchased carpeting and furniture for the children’s room. They also worked for better lighting and ventilation in schools.

Today, the Education Community Service Program members proudly continue our dedication to improve literacy, education awareness, and academic achievement through several major initiatives:

Lincoln Elementary School

Each September, we collect school supplies for the students as they begin their school year so they can be properly prepared.  During the school year, members volunteer at Lincoln Elementary School in a reading program. Working with school reading specialists, our members learn about the special needs of the children in the program. Then the school pairs a child needing help with reading with one of our members for weekly sessions. Each child in the program receives books in our Reading for Christmas program and we hold an ice cream party at the end of each school year to celebrate student achievement.

At our December meeting, the Lincoln Chorus performs a holiday concert for our members.  At that time, we present a monetary donation in support of their music program at their school.

Lincoln Elementary holds a special place in our hearts. It is located only a few blocks from Steiner House, our historic clubhouse. Built in 1938 for black high school students, it later became two separated buildings known as A and B. Over the years, black students attended what became known as Lincoln Elementary or B Building, while white students attended classes in A Building, known as Washington Street School.

Finally, in 1962, the schools merged, ending racial segregation, and becoming known as South Frederick Elementary. However, the community pushed to have the original name of the school restored. This became a reality in 2006 when leaders changed the name back to Lincoln Elementary, supporting the heritage of the community.

Scholarship Program

We provide scholarships to worthy high school seniors each year as well as a yearly scholarship to an adult returning to college to complete their education.  In addition, we provide donations to worthy education programs throughout the year.

Citizen’s Nursing Home

The education service program sponsors a monthly discussion group with eh residents of Citizen Nursing Home.  Residents share their wit, wisdom and knowledge.  All members are welcome to attend.

Book Club

We also hold monthly book club meetings for our members.  Our dinner meetings are held at different restaurants around Frederick.