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Our Signature Projects

Our Signature Projects unites FWCC members in our dedication to end domestic violence in Frederick County.  It simply is not acceptable that one out of every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime and/ or that children will be the victims of abuse!  Nearly 40 years ago, club members banded together with others in the community to establish the county’s first domestic violence shelter, leading to the establishment of Heartly House and more recently within the past decade the inception of Friends of the CAC.

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Promotion of Education

Education has been a cornerstone of our beliefs and programs. Our early members helped establish and contribute to the public library in Frederick. They also worked for better lighting and ventilation in schools.  Today, members proudly continue our dedication to improve literacy, education awareness, and academic achievement through several major initiatives.



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Conservation of our Resources

Frederick’s natural resources are priceless. Our county is blessed with mountains and farmlands, streams and estuaries to the Chesapeake Bay, historic districts, and a wide variety of flora and fauna.  Through the Conservation Community Service Program, we help our members gain a greater appreciation for our environment. Projects help to preserve, maintain and restore natural resources in our local communities.

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Support of the Arts

The arts are essential to the quality of life in Frederick. The FWCC Arts Community Service Program allows our members to participate in, promote and support a broad spectrum of activities that enhance both youth and adult arts. Many of our members also support local arts by attending plays, exhibits, lectures, and concerts as a group.





Healthy Lifestyles

The Home Life Community Service Program informs our members about issues affecting the well-being of individuals, families, and local communities at monthly meetings. Members focus their efforts on meeting many of these needs through volunteering and donations during the year, the holidays, or after an emergency.


Greater Civic Involvement

To make a difference in the structure of community priorities, we must be heard. From supporting the men and women of the military fighting for our freedom and their families, to stopping domestic abuse and violence, we must have greater awareness. And for survivors of domestic abuse, we assist with their transition to a safer life a little gentler.


International Outreach

As part of the international General Federated Women’s Club, we must also reach beyond our own community to make a global impact.

With guidance from GFWC, The International Outreach Community Service Program makes members aware of international needs and programs so we can pool our resources and time to reach those in the greatest need.

Help make a difference today…

Membership is open to any woman who supports the purposes of the Frederick Woman’s Civic Club. Please visit our Membership page for more information.

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