The 2018 Frederick Woman’s Civic Club Youth Art Competition was a wonderful success with 85 students from grade 6-12 participating. There was a wide range of media represented and the work was extremely high quality. We are very proud of the young artists in Frederick County and very pleased to be able to give them a chance to be recognized.
On January 5, 2018 the Frederick Woman’s Civic Club held the opening reception at Frederick Community College’s Mary Hodgson Art Gallery.  Awards were presented in three categories: High School Drawing and Painting, High School Digital/Photography, and Middle School Drawing and Painting. Each category had a First ($100), Second ($75), Third ($50), and Honorable Mention ($25) winner.  All of the students received certificates. Mr. Wendell Poindexter, Art Program Manager of FCC and Ms. Paula Rubin-Wexler, artist and FAC Board Member served as judges. Over 200 students, parents, friends, family, and administrators attended the event. Ms. Elizabeth Keyser Selby was presented as the keynote speaker. Works of art will remain on exhibit at the Mary Hodgson Art Gallery, FCC until January 18, 2018.
The award winners will have an opportunity to compete at the regional level, in March and then the state level in April.
Money was raised for this event by the women of FWCC through the sales of White House Christmas Ornaments.

High School Drawing and Painting


  Fragrance of Love

1st Place Emily Tang                                                                    Pencil- Frederick HS, Grade 12, Ms. Thomson

Lord of the Fruits

2nd Place – Colleen Avila                                                                  Color Pencil- Linganore HS, Grade 11, Mr. Madenspacher


3rd Place- Emma Liu                                                                 Colored Pencil- Urbana HS, Grade 9, Ms. Willett

Serving Ballard
Honorable Mention – Madeline Rihn
Ink on Paper, Urbana HS, Grade 12, Ms. Willett

High School Digital and Photography

Phenomenal Women

1st Place- Nyah Stewart
GTJHS, Grade11, Mr. Heller

Found and Forgotten

2nd Place- Lydia Chance
Photography, Middletown HS, Grade12, Ms. Lehman

Head in the Clouds

3rd Place- Kathryn Gerogiannis                                              Linganore HS, Grade12, Ms. Bozzonetti

Attitudes of Felines


Honorable Mention- Bella Cowley                                              Urbana HS, Grade 11
Ms. Ellis-Guss


Middle School


1st Place- Michael Watterson                                                               Felt tip Marker, GTJMS, grade 8, Mr. Parker

The Bridge

2nd Place- Savannah Presson                                                    Acrylic, New Market MS, Grade 8, Ms. Martin-Nelson


3rd Place- Michael McKenzie                                               Watercolor, Heather Ridge School, Grade 8, Ms. Arsenault


Honorable Mention- Alana Koh
Graphite, Oakdale MS, Grade 8, Ms. Tobery